Why WordPress is still the best CMS in 2019?

Having worked with WordPress and other leading CMS platforms over 10 years, we can easily vouch, WordPress as the best CMS among all.

WordPress is popular among most, thanks to its beautiful designs, numerous powerful features, and the freedom to build anything you want; a hobby blog, a corporate website or an eCommerce solution on enterprise level. More importantly WordPress is absolutely free to download, install and use.

There are hundreds and thousands of additional plugins provided by independent vendors those you can use to accomplish any specific goals you have for your website.

Thus, if you are planning to hire a web design agency for your new website we highly recommend WordPress; 2019’s best CMS platform.
Let’s explore more useful facts that will help you to choose WordPress over others.

1. Easy to set-up & update:
Installing WordPress to build a new website is very easy. With passing time you can update new versions of WordPress themes for your website. Latest versions of WordPress ensures new features and better user experience.

2. Beautiful themes:
WordPress is known for beautiful predesigned themes to cater to any industry types. Choose the one you think suitable for your website. A pre designed theme usually has all the popular features a professional website of today should have like, about us, services, inquiry form, contact page, media gallery and social media etc. WordPress maintains consistency in design across all the pages. This gives a good visual experience to your visitors.

3. Highly customizable:
Not happy with a predesigned theme! No worries! WordPress allows you to customize a theme to match your specific needs. You can customize a theme to any extent you want. Do additional coding or add additional plugins to achieve it.

4. In-built Blog:
Blogs play a very big role in creating and promoting a brand today. WordPress is best known for blogs and a provision to create blogs will be always available in any WordPress theme. You can create a post, edit it and promote it with readily available features.

5. Easy To manage:
WordPress is known as a user-friendly platform that is the reason why almost 33% of the entire world’s websites are built with WordPress. You do not need special coding or development skills to manage your WordPress website. You can manage the contents of your website (add, edit, delete, publish) from any computer and you do not need any specific software for this.

6. Easy to add images and videos:
Want to add images and videos to your website, there is no easier way than WordPress. It has an easy to use tool that allows you to add or remove images and embed videos to your website easily.

7. Built-in search tool:
WordPress offers built-in search box by default that helps your site’s visitors search and find any important content or page just at a click-of-a-button.

8. Plenty of Free useful plugins:
WordPress being the most popular CMS has numerous free plugins that you can add and customize to have more complex features on your website.

9. Easy accessibility:
WordPress uses a free license server software that can be installed on both on Linux or Windows hosting servers. Plus WordPress is built with HTML, CSS and PHP which are platform independent, means your new WordPress website can be accessed easily on all internet browsers apart from Android and iOS phones of any type.

10. User-friendly admin panel / dashboard:
WordPress provides an intuitive and user-friendly admin panel or dashboard (called wp panel) that you use to manage your website. You can easily add pages, edit them see it in preview mode prior to publish it on the Internet. Yes, you can use the same panel to manage your blog and other WordPress website. WordPress dashboard allows multiple websites too.

11. WordPress Ecommerce (WooCommerce):
You want to have an eCommerce website! You need to integrate a plugin named as WooCommerce that has all the popular features of a powerful online shopping or eCommerce website. Apart from the standard WooCommerce features you can do additional coding to have more custom features as you want.

12. Facility to add popular resources:
Do you want to reach potential customers through your website? You can add many popular resources to your WordPress website such as MailChimp using that you can directly send mails to your audience and get reports of response of each campaign easily.

13. WordPress website is secured:
There are hackers always try to breach security of WordPress website but thank God there is a dedicated security team that works very hard to add more security features so your website made with WordPress stays secured always. WordPress uses a tool called Sucuri Antivirus that scans malware attacks on your website regularly. You can see the malware attacks report of your website on a single click.

14. SSL certificate:
Even if you do not have an eCommerce website, Google highly recommends SSL certificate for every website today. Adding SSL certificate to your WordPress website is very easy in comparison to other CMS or HTML website designing.

15. Easy website backup tool:
Taking backup of your website on a set schedule is very easy. WordPress offers free plugins like BackUpWordPress and BackWPup that take automatic backup of your site on a schedule fixed by you.

16. Google loves WordPress:
Google loves WordPress because a WordPress website by default fulfills many criteria that Google highly recommends in every website. For example, Responsive website design. Correct URL structure, faster website loading, and option to add H tags, image optimization, effortless interlinking, sitemaps and many more features.

17. Social media and WordPress:
You can easily add social media widgets on your WordPress website. It makes you share your website content through various social media platforms. You can share your website contents directly through your website.

18. Multilingual website through WordPress:
If you are looking for a multilingual website, you can do so easily through WordPress. There are many plug-ins available that easily translate your pages, posts, tags, categories to as many languages as you want. Some of the popular plug-ins for this purpose are: Polylang, WPML and Translate Press. Just install them on your WordPress Admin panel and they will take care of the rest.

19. WordPress for businesses of all sizes and types:
Whether you are a blogger, a startup, small or medium business or an enterprise, WordPress can be the right CMS platform for your website. From a single page website to 100s of web pages or online shopping and eCommerce WordPress works best in all situations.

20. It’s getting exponentially better:
As the world’s best content management system (CMS) WordPress is getting better every day with new cool features. Its security features are getting better too. There is a vast community of WordPress users are contributing to its improvement in terms of interfaces, user friendliness and safety and security majors.

If you are planning for your new website, we highly recommend WordPress as the platform. If you need our support to build your new WordPress website then fill up your details in the form below and submit to us. We will contact you soon after receiving your details.

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