Pay per click marketing (Adwords marketing)

If you are looking to get new customers via pay per click (Google Adwords) marketing, we can help you. We have several years of experience with Google Adwords marketing and have produced outstanding results for a variety of businesses.

Would Google Adwords work for you?

Google AdWords marketing works for a variety of businesses from small professional service businesses to large ecommerce retailers. For many businesses Google Adwords is the one and only source for acquiring new clients. The reasons are many

  • Newspapers have limited reach
  • Yellow pages are close to extinction
  • Television advertisements are expensive
  • No guaranteed returns on radio advertisements

Google AdWords is the only marketing medium that guarantees return on your investment.

But there is a catch. Google Adwords will guarantee success only when done correctly. If not you would end up spending a lot of money with very poor results. Several businesses have tried it themselves and failed. Some have approached Adwords marketing companies but put off by their expensive pricing.

If you are one of them, we can help you.

Why Integra for your pay per click marketing?

Back in 2004, we were a start up business. We wanted to quickly get new customers. We heard that using pay per click marketing would be the way forward. We made the decision to try it. It ended up being a brilliant decision. Now we have more than 300 clients from all across the world. Our current annual revenue is about $10 million USD.

The idea of using pay per click marketing seemed to have worked out well for us. But it was really hard work and an exasperating experience. We made expensive mistakes, wasted money with Google, got frustrated and even thought of giving up.

But eventually we learned absolutely every aspect of how to be successful in pay per click marketing. We learned how to

  • Select most beneficial keywords
  • Organize ad groups for maximum effectiveness
  • Write compelling ad copy to get more clicks
  • Design landing pages that convert visitor to a customer
  • Find negative keywords to reduce unnecessary clicks
  • Research competitors to effectively outbid them
  • Increase click through rate and thereby reduce marketing spend
  • Painstakingly work through every advertisement copy and improve it
  • Improve quality score to increase conversion rate
  • Get lots of new customers enquire or signup with us

We know what it takes to achieve success with Google pay per click marketing. Even though many agencies claim to be experts in Google Adwords we probably are the only ones who have extensively and painstakingly used Google Adwords for our own business.

Our rate for Google pay per click marketing is easily affordable even for small businesses. If you are interested to find out how we can help you, contact us today.

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