Why you should choose Integra for your PPC campaign?

PPC is synonymous with Google Ads that work through keywords. Keywords are the inputs entered by users to search something in Google.

Recent research says 94% of keywords bring no results whatsoever – this means billions of dollars get wasted every year through Google Ads by companies and individuals. So it is imperative to run your Google Ad campaign proactively with appropriate knowledge to get the best possible return on your investment.

We know what it takes to achieve success with Google pay per click marketing. Even though many agencies claim to be experts in Google Ads we probably are the only ones who have extensively and painstakingly used Google Ads for our own business.

    A few important steps we do to make your PPC campaign a success
  • Select most beneficial keywords
  • Organize ad groups for maximum effectiveness
  • Write compelling ad copy to get more clicks
  • Design landing pages that convert visitor to a customer
  • Find negative keywords to reduce unnecessary clicks
  • Research competitors to effectively outbid them
  • Increase click through rate and thereby reduce marketing spend
  • Painstakingly work through every advertisement copy and improve it
  • Improve quality score to increase conversion rate
  • Get lots of new customers enquire or signup with us

Our rate for Google pay per click marketing is easily affordable even for small businesses.

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