How to get your website to the top of Google?

Google uses complex algorithms to build the entire search and ranking process which is not an easy task to crack but we can still get your website to top of Google by:

  • making your website trustworthy
  • ensuring your website looks good, mobile friendly and easy to navigate
  • to have good, valuable contents that make users happy
  • running custom SEO campaign

What we do in our SEO campaign?

#1 Keyword research

What people type or speak to Google for their searches are called ‘keywords’ in SEO terms. Keywords can be singular words (e.g., pizza near me) to complex phrases (e.g., best pizza with discount in brooklyn near brooklyn bridge). Keywords reside website and blog contents.

How we select the best keywords for your website is key to an SEO campaign.

We do extensive research to select the best keywords for your website. Though sophisticated tools are used to build and expand your keyword list we give emphasis to customer’s emotion and his perspective. What questions they ask and what topics they show interest in are the core areas of study in our keyword research activity.

#2 Website optimization

Website optimization is the most important task in an SEO campaign. We ensure your website is mobile friendly and built as per SEO guidelines. We see H tags, Meta tags, Alt tags are in place, images are optimized, scripts are minified and all the links are active and working fine. We add content with a right mixture of keywords and key phrases. We add analytics code to collect and monitor traffic on your website. We keep on repeating the work of website optimization until it gains optimum SEO results for your website.

#3 Content creation

Content is king in digital marketing. For better SEO results we work closely with your content marketing team. We add missing contents on your website including product descriptions, testimonials and reviews. We write SEO friendly blogs and articles in regular intervals to influence your future customers.

Our content creation policy is based on Google’s E-A-T guidelines. E-A-T stands for expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness of a website which is an important part of Google’s ranking signals. We ensure the quality of our contents contributes to your website’s E-A-T score.

#4 Authority and link building

Link building is the most effective means to bring traffic to your website from the Internet world. More traffic means increased ranking and better visibility. We only use white-hat SEO techniques to build links for your website.

We publish articles, blogs, press releases, and whitepapers with link connecting to your website. We use genuine forums, business directories to list your company and add unique business details about your company and brands that motivates users to visit your website. Our link building exercise increases your site’s authority and Google loves website with high authority.

#5 Active reporting

We take reporting as an opportunity to present the outcome of our SEO initiatives for the past month. We report in plain English with facts and figures are explained through bullet points and not lengthy and boring paragraphs. We use infographics and charts that can give clear and easy understanding of the performance.

We provide details of next month plan and ask for your feedbacks and inputs to make the campaign produce better results for your business. In addition to that our project manager will talk to you and explain the report and answer any and all of your doubts.

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