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Do you want a beautiful blog website custom designed for you? We can create that perfect blog website using the ever reliable WordPress platform. WordPress platform is the proven solution that is simple, reliable and cost effective – which makes it the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes

Why blog is important for your website

  • Search engines get fresh content regularly from your website
  • Blog comments and social shares improve your credibility
  • Discussions and social shares improve relevancy of your website
  • Search engines highly rank the sites which has fresh blog content
  • Sustained activity on your website keeps search engines happy

Benefits of a blog site

  • Blog posts are easy to create, edit and maintain
  • Video and multimedia posts can be quickly added
  • You do not need a technical expert to update your content
  • You can easily add new pages, pictures, and videos

Why we prefer to use WordPress for your blog?

It would take several pages to define and explain all the features that WordPress offers. The foremost is that it is an open-source program. So it is constantly updated by hundreds of programmers all around the world. New features and functions are continually added all the time. Here are some of the ways that Wordpress enhances your blog

  • SEO friendly tools to make your website available for search engines
  • Hundreds of themes to enhance the look and feel
  • Hundreds of add-ons to extend the functionality of your blog site
  • Easy to track and monitor how your website performs, and who is visiting your site

What makes WordPress blog special?

WordPress platform is used for building many of the top websites in the world, including the CNN and New York Times. Not only is WordPress widely used, but it's also remarkably easy to use. WordPress is designed for people with little or no website related technical knowledge to effortlessly manage their own websites.

If you need to add a new web page in your WordPress blog site, it's very simple. If you want a new design or re-brand your site in the future, you can do it without the risk of losing your content and online presence.

Why Integra is your best choice

  • 10+ years experience building blog websites
  • We can create a new blog website or add a blog to your existing website
  • Lifetime technical support
  • Bargain rates for a premium service

Speak to one of our experienced web consultants today and find out how a blog can expedite your online potential.

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